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  • Orthopedic Postoperative Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery is generally based on cold therapy, which has the effects of analgesia and anti-inflammation. The first stage: Acute inflammation stage, cold therapy lasts for a long time, and continuous cold therapy is required for 4/8 hours each time, with moderate press...
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  • Nursing cover of new material – more durable and waterproof

    CRYO PUSH has released a new nursing cover. Compared with the other two models on the market, this nursing cover has been greatly improved in terms of comfort, applicability and water resistance. Compared with nursing sleeves with rings, the arm part is easy to use and can be worn with one hand w...
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  • New Products Ice Vest

    In the summer of 2022, the world experienced an unprecedented high temperature weather, and many people lost their lives as a result. With the emergence of global change and extreme heat, the international trend in recent decades is that heat stroke is becoming an important public health problem....
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  • How to choose a knee cold treatment product

    Although I love sports, my current job makes me spend less time on sports. But I still can’t forget the sweat, the loud shouting and the wanton running on the sports field in college. But in the process of exercising, my body is often injured, and the most vulnerable parts are the hands, kn...
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  • “RICE” principle

    When we have a sudden limb injury in our life, we must think of emergency treatment according to the principle of RICE at the first time. “R”=rice, stop exercising immediately, let the body lie down and rest immediately, slow down the blood flow in the body, and reduce the chance of s...
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  • How to treat with cold compress?

    Ice compress therapy has existed for several years, and it has also become a hot trend of tissue recovery, especially among athletes. After exercise, ice compress seems to have become a standard recovery method. And many people will say that ice compress can reduce swelling, speed up the healing ...
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